Benda Ranch Simmentals
Annual Production Sale
Monday Feb. 10, 2020 1:00 pm
Kimball Livestock Exchange, Kimball SD



Homo Black Results


*JBS Mr. Main Event 9G
TJ Main Event 503B  X  W/C United 956Y
1/2 SM    ASA# 3640664        Born 3/16/19
WW Ratio: 110       WW Rank: 16/121
* JBS Mr. Night Watch 614G
W/C Night Watch 84E  X  WS Stepping Stone B44
3/4 SM    ASA# 3640758        Born 3/10/19
WW Ratio: 118        WW Rank: 3/121
*JBS Mr. Red Moon 764G
WS Red Moon  X  JBS Mr Tanker 750A
PB SM    ASA# 3640766        Born 2/10/19
WW Ratio: 115        WW Rank: 6/121
*JBS Mr. Nightride 741G
J Bar J Nightride 225Z  X  KCF Bennett Absolute
1/2 SM    ASA# 3640573        Born 2/12/19
WW Ratio: 113        WW Rank: 9/121
*JBS Mr. Boulder 235G
CCR Boulder 1339A  X ASR/GLS Pacesetter U862
5/8 SM    ASA# 3640575        Born 3/6/19
WW Ratio: 108        WW Rank: 25/121
*JBS Mr. Casino 701G
JBS Big Casino 336Y  X  B/R New Frontier 095
5/8 SM    ASA# 3640563        Born 3/5/19
WW Ratio: 116        WW Rank: 4/121
*JBS Mr. Bozeman 901G
Hook’s Bozeman X WS Independence T18
PB SM ASA# 3640669 Born 3/8/19
WW Ratio: 111 WW Rank: 14/121
*JBS Mr. Final Sort 331G
Hart 094B X Hook’s Shear Force 38K
PB SM ASA# 3640687 Born 4/3/19
WW Ratio: 129 WW Rank: 1/121
*JBS Mr. Domination 804G
DCR Mr. Domination D76 X Hart Ltd 0018 4536
3/4 SM ASA# 3640576 Born 3/21/19
WW Ratio: 118 WW Rank: 2/121
*JBS Mr. Night Watch 313G
W/C Night Watch 84E X RC Club King 040R
PB SM ASA# 3640631 Born 3/28/19
WW Ratio: 110 WW Rank: 17/121
*JBS Mr. Casino 653G
JBS Big Casino 336Y X JBS Mr. Tanker 750A
3/4 SM ASA# 3640552 Born 3/5/19
WW Ratio: 115 WW Rank: 5/121
JBS Mr. Main Event 743G
TJ Main Event 503B X Hart Ltd 0018 4536
1/2 SM ASA# 3640636 Born 3/10/19
WW Ratio: 101
*JBS Mr. Casino 119G
JBS Big Casino 336Y X ASR/GLS Pacesetter U862
PB SM ASA# 3640732 Born 3/15/19
WW Ratio: 99
*JBS Mr. Bulletproof 060G
RFS Bulletproof B42 X ASR/GLS Pacesetter U862
PB SM ASA# 3640533 Born 3/10/19
WW Ratio: 109 WW Rank: 24/121
*JBS Mr. Renown 658G
SAV Renown 3439 X Double J Straightup Y132
1/2 SM ASA# 3640605 Born 3/9/19
WW Ratio: 99
*JBS Mr. Crimson 563G
JBS Mr. Crimson Tide 941B X KS Black Diamond W992
PB SM ASA# 3640722 Born 3/30/19
WW Ratio: 103
*JBS Mr. Nightride 767G
J Bar J Nightride 225Z X Hart 094B
3/4 SM ASA# 3640659 Born 2/8/19
WW Ratio: 104
*JBS Mr. Cowboy Cut 539G
CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z X JBS Mr. Tanker 750A
3/4 SM ASA# 3640746 Born 3/10/19
WW Ratio: 104
No creep feed, just milk and grass.  We will winter bulls until April 15 and semen test.  


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