Annual Production Sale
Monday, February 12, 2024 1:00 pm
Kimball Livestock Exchange Kimball, SD
50 years of raising Simmental cattle
Selling 55 Simmental and SimAngus bulls
Special Lot: New this year, we will be offering the pick of our yearling open heifers!




JBS Mr. Eagle 908L
Hook's Eagle x Hart All In
5/8 SM     ASA# 4275376
Adj. WW: 906    WW Ratio: 123
JBS Mr. Epic 560L
OMF Epic x Hart Final Answer
3/4 SM      ASA# 4275419
Adj. WW: 816     WW Ratio: 111
JBS Mr. High Road 138L
KBHR High Road x Hook's Black Hawk
3/4 SM     ASA# 4275369
Adj. WW: 749     WW Ratio: 101
JBS Mr. Copperhead 752L
GW Copperhead x WS Prime Beef
3/4 SM     ASA# 4275301
Adj. WW: 850     WW Ratio: 115
JBS Mr. Eagle 063L
Hook's Eagle x RBS Boise
B SM     ASA# 4275325
Adj. WW: 851     WW Ratio: 115
JBS Mr. Gold 167L
TJ Gold x Cables Turn Ur Head
PB SM      ASA# 4275395
Adj. WW: 744     WW Ratio: 101
JBS Mr. Earl 931L
3BS Earl x Hook's Bozeman
PB SM     ASA# 4275496
Adj. WW: 759     WW Ratio: 103
JBS Mr. Major Impact 934L
CDI Major Impact x JBS Big Casino
PB SM     ASA# 4275486
Adj. WW: 801     WW Ratio: 108
JBS Mr. Colorado 126L
Colorado Bridle Bit x WCS El Dorado
PB SM     ASA# 4275498
Adj. WW: 680     WW Ratio: Twin
JBS Mr. Growth Fund 079L
Deer Valley Growth Fund x JBS Pathway
1/2 SM     ASA# 4275379
Adj. WW: 749     WW Ratio: 101
JBS Mr. True North 132L
M & E True North x WCS El Dorado
3/8 SM     ASA# 4275337
Adj. WW: 772     WW Ratio: 105
JBS Mr. Dakota 835L
KRJ Dakota Made x SAV Renown
5/8 SM     ASA# 4275370
Adj. WW: 783     WW Ratio: 106
JBS Mr. Epic 625L
OMF Epic x CCR Cowboy Cut
3/4 SM     ASA# 4275412
Adj. WW: 795     WW Ratio: 108
JBS Mr. Genesis 727L
LBRS Genesis x JBS Big Casino
PB SM     ASA# 4275413
Adj. WW: 817     WW Ratio: 111
JBS Mr. Bulletproof 854L
RFS Bulletproof x JBS Mr. Crimson Tide
PB SM     ASA# 4275447
Adj. WW: 825     WW Ratio: 112
JBS Mr. All American 925L
KBHR All American x RFS Bulletproof
PB SM      ASA# 4275422
Adj. WW: 778     WW Ratio: 105
JBS Mr. 637 719L
TSN All Around F637 x Hook's Broadway
PB SM     ASA# 4275358
Adj. WW: 823     WW Ratio: 111
JBS Mr. Earl 747L
3BS Earl x SAV Bismarck
5/8 SM     ASA# 4275388
Adj. WW: 758     WW Ratio: 103
Bulls had no creep feed.   We will winter bulls until April 15 and semen test.  


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